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The Best MT5 Forex Brokers in South Africa

Metatrader 5 (MT5) is that the most up-to-date version of the industry-standard MetaTrader trading platform. Though it’s not as popular as MetaTrader 4 (MT4), MT5 is supported by variety of well-regarded brokers.


$ 10,00

Minimum Deposit

$ 150,00

Minimum Deposit

Recently, MetaQuotes – the manufacturers of MetaTrader – have stopped handing out new licences for MT4 as they plan to move retail traders onto the more modern MT5 platform. This has resulted in more MT5 Forex brokers, with some brokers replacing their support for MT4 altogether. There are many good reasons to trade with an MT5 broker:

True Multi-Asset Platform: very similar to MT4, MT5 allows traders to access the Forex market via a broker, but it also provides native access to other CFDs, like stocks, futures and commodities. This also means it’s more valuable for brokers because it allows them to succeed in a broader base of clientele.

Compliance: MT5 also makes it easier to suits US restrictions on hedging by aggregating all open positions – preventing traders from individually managing open positions separately, though this will be deactivated upon request.

Better Scripting: MT5 comes with a newscript-writing language, MQL5, which is far more efficient than MQL4, if harder to find out for beginners.
Advanced Charting: Though the interface is analogous to MT4’s, MT5 has more advanced charting tools, including 12 more timeframes and more built-in technical indicators.

Modern Features: MT5 also allows for a vast number of charts to be used, shows Depth of Market and features a built-in Economic Calendar. It also features a larger number of pending order types than MT4 and features an embedded chat system.

Keep in mind that MT5 scripts aren’t backwards compatible with MT4 – so anyone making the transition will lose all their EAs and indicators.

How to Choose an MT5 Broker?

Choosing an honest MetaTrader 5 Forex broker is far an equivalent as choosing any Forex broker. it’s essential to seem at the detail of every broker to seek out out what differentiates them from one another . When trying to find an MT5 broker, it’s important to guage them on the subsequent areas:

Regulation: the foremost important aspect of choosing an MT5 broker, because it is with any Forex broker. you would like to form sure your funds are secure and kept during a segregated account which your broker maintains a good trading environment. FSCA regulation is best for South African traders but the safest brokers tend to be regulated by the FCA, CySEC or ASIC.

Broker Type: Most brokers are either ECN/STP or Market Makers, but some are often a mixture of both. you’ll find that a lot of brokers will provide an ECN/STP service on their higher-deposit account types while acting as a Market Maker for his or her Cent and Standard accounts. Many of the simplest MT5 brokers are ECN/STPs.

Trading Conditions: This includes what quite spreads are available, what proportion leverage is obtainable , and the way many currency pairs are available. These factors will directly impact your profit or loss, so you don’t want any surprises.

Minimum Deposit: This changes by account type for several brokers, with higher minimum deposits often linked to raised trading conditions. we’ll always highlight the minimum deposit available no matter the account type.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods: All brokers accept traditional payment types like debit/credit cards and bank transfers, many accept online payments through Skrill and Neteller, and a few also will accept Bitcoin. Always check for deposit and withdrawal fees, a couple of brokers charge a percentage fee for a few withdrawals methods, making large drawdowns very expensive.

MetaTrader: a quick history

Metatrader may be a series of electronic trading platforms developed by my MetaQuotes software which allows retail (independent individual) traders to access financial markets via a broker.

All versions of MetaTrader software have a client-side – which is downloaded to a trader’s desktop, mobile or accessed through a browser – and a server-side – which is travel by a broker and provides the trader with access to financial markets and allows them to put trades.

The most common version of MetaTrader is MetaTrader 4 (MT4), which was built exclusively for trading the Forex market. MT4 was originally developed in 2005 and have become successful mainly because it allowed the user to create their own automated trading scripts using the proprietary MQL4 coding language. Not only can users build their own scripts but they will make them available for other traders to use or purchase.

MT4 is now almost fifteen years old and positively appears dated, though its excellence as a platform for trading the Forex market remains relatively undisputed, though some would argue that cTrader may be a superior platform

Should i exploit MetaTrader 5?

The answer to the present question depends on what you would like from your platform and your previous trading experience.

If you’re getting to be trading quite Forex but want to possess a standalone client then MT5 may be a good platform. If you’re only looking to trade Forex and need an easier , more user-friendly platform, then it’s going to be an honest idea to start out with MT4.

If you have already got some experience with MT4 and are thinking of switching, it really depends on your reasons why. the sole significant reason I can consider for switching to MT5 is that if you would like to trade other markets. the many reason for not switching is that programmes written for MT4 won’t run in MT5, so you’ll lose all of your EAs, indicators and automatic scripts within the transition.

The big question is what proportion longer MT4 goes to be supported by the most brokers. it’s unquestionably the industry standard at the present and up to date upgrades to the MQL4 language have made it almost as easy and efficient as MQL5 to make automated trading scripts.

That said, more brokers are offering MT5 all the time and a few have chosen to only support MT5 from now on – probably at the behest of MetaQuotes themselves. If you’re just starting out trading there’s something to be said for getting wont to MT5 before it starts overtaking its older sibling – which can inevitably happen.


MT5 will eventually overtake MT4 because the industry standard (unless one among the MetaQuotes competitors get there first) it’s just a matter of when.

The fact that MT5 is more feature-complete supports trading across all financial markets and allows for advanced script testing makes it very appealing to both brokers and traders. Allowing hedging for non-US users was a removal of a serious obstacle to widespread support for MT5.

The only remaining problem is that the lack of backwards compatibility with MT4 robots and EAs – and this is often a drag that’s never getting to get away .

If you employ MT4 and you’re keen on it, persist with it as it’s getting to remain the gold standard for a couple of years yet – unless you would like to trade the opposite markets. If you’re new trading it’s worth considering going straight to MT5.